Trading Partner Collaboration

Cost-Effective and Efficient Collaboration

Now, you can ensure secure, reliable and efficient file transfers across your supply chain – including partners with unstable network connections, low network bandwidth, and no/limited EDI expertise or IT staff. SEEBURGER Secure Link (SEE Link) is a light-weight, standalone endpoint client that extends Managed File Transfer capabilities to any operating system inside or outside a private network.

  • End-to-end, centralized control and visibility, with full compliance, governance and security
  • Automated transfer management via a hub-and-spoke model with secure communications protocols
  • Integrate with endpoint applications, including option to perform data transformations
  • Reduce cost and time of troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • No need for partners to have SEE MFT software installed

Efficient and Secure Data Exchange with Any Trading Partner

SEE Link provides off-the-shelf managed file transfer and security, making it efficient and cost-effective to use with any and all partners. It automates the process of sending and receiving files with full security, data integrity, checking, encryption, and traceable delivery — even over unstable network connections or dial-up lines. No IT expertise is required to configure and operate SEE Link.

  • Uses any endpoint — an individual’s PC or a server — as an upload and download manager
  • Handles files of any size
  • Ensures transmission via automatic and manual checkpoint restart
  • Uses the SEE Secure Link Network Protocol for peer-to-peer transfers
  • Transmits large file transfers based on the EDI INT AS2 standard protocol
  • Supports scheduled batch transfers, event-driven file transfers and script-initiated transfers

Enterprise-Strength File Transfer with Any Partner

SEE Link integrates with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server (BIS), the leading B2B integration platform, and with the SEE MFT server, a purpose-built server for managed file transfer that runs on BIS. SEE MFT uses BIS as the platform for policy management and governance of SEE Link file transfers. No IT expertise is required to configure and operate SEE Link.

  • Automatic provisioning of endpoints via BIS
  • Integrates directly on the back-end with services and applications via a web services API
  • Option to integrate with applications, perform mappings, do data conversions, and perform pre- and post-processing tasks
  • Performs any-to-any conversion of XML, CSV, and INHOUSE messages as well as of reads and writes to SQL databases
  • Executes command-line scripts for pre- and post-transfer processing