Secure File Transfer from Mobile Devices

SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer solutions provide end-to-end file transfer security among tablets and smartphones. SEEBURGER File Exchange (SEE FX), a secure self-service Web portal, empowers business users to independently create, manage and track secure file transfers of any type and any size, both inside and outside the company firewall. Meanwhile, IT staff and email administrators have centralized control for compliance, audit, and security purposes.

  • Free downloadable smartphone app (SEE FX Mobile) – no change in work habits required
  • Enables file transfers with no size limitations
  • Comprehensive file tracking for compliance (SOX, GLBA, HIPAA and more)
  • Eliminates security and support problems for IT

Fast, Flexible File Sharing for Mobile Users

SEE FX Mobile provides secure, fast and guaranteed delivery of any kind or any size of file to and from mobile devices, with full end-to-end transfer security. The SEE FX Mobile app gives business users the flexibility and speed they expect with the centralized control your business demands. Business users can share large files or folders with anyone, anytime, on an ad hoc basis – no IT involved.

  • Complete control over downloads of their files, including an audit trail
  • Edit files on-device for real-time collaboration, subscribe to file updates, and more
  • Grant permits to people to upload their large file(s) to the SEE FX server and then download them
  • Automatically synchronize files across their laptop, desktop and mobile devices
  • Manage their personal SEE FX server data unaided

Enterprise-Strength Technology for Mobile File Transfer

SEE FX Mobile is part of the SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer (SEE MFT) family of solutions. IT integrates with the SEE MFT Server, a purpose-built server for managed file transfer. The SEE MFT server runs on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server (BIS), the leading platform for B2B integration, and uses it as the platform for policy management and governance of file transfers via SEE FX Mobile. SEE FX Mobile offers flexible deployment options: public cloud, private cloud, per-user licensing.

  • Integrates with data loss prevention (DLP) solutions via the ICAP protocol
  • Automatically creates and enforces secure end-to-end file transmission sessions
  • Provides a complete audit trail for compliance and security purposes
  • Easy-to-use administrator console with policy-based file management
  • Integrates easily into SAP processes and other critical business processes